City officials haven’t welcomed the Gilroy Police Department’s plan to sell 30 surplus guns with open arms.

“I’m not OK with it,” Councilman Bob Dillon said during Monday night’s Council meeting, where GPD Chief Denise Turner, Capt. Kurt Svardal and Range Master Sgt. Robert Locke-Paddon proposed selling the decommissioned firearms – described as “keepsakes” in a city staff report – to active duty and reserve officers to rake in approximately $5,000 for the city’s general fund.

The list of firearms includes Colt .45 pistols and Remington shotguns dating back nearly three decades, and GPD Capt. Kurt Svardal says the department is looking to dispose of the retired guns – by either selling or destroying them – “in a way everyone is OK with.”

Dillon says the GPD should ask for more money for the inactive weapons than its $75-per-shotgun and $175-per-pistol projections. He and Councilman Perry Woodward, who called the plan “unacceptable,” believes allowing officers to buy the guys on the cheap comes dangerously close to a gift of public funds.

Source: Mark Powell for The Gilroy Dispatch.

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City officials haven't welcomed the Gilroy Police Department's plan to sell 30 surplus guns…