Clifton Collins, Jr. and The “Gunny” present the first place prize of $3,000 to “MatchMeister” winner, Butch Barton – a five-time GSSF match champion. (Photo by Doug Robinson)

The Glock Annual Shoot XXI & Gunny Challenge X had a record-setting turnout for 2014.

Approximately 1,350 competitors and enthusiasts attended the event, hosted by GLOCK and GSSF, becoming the most highly participated action pistol match in world history.

The Sept. 27-28 match held at the South River Gun Club outside outside Conyers, Ga., exceeded participation expectations.

The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, presided over his namesake match and was joined by celebrity guest shooter, actor Clifton Collins Jr.

Collins defeated the Gunny in this year’s Celebrity Shoot-Off.

“I grew up around guns and we were educated on firearms safety issues from the start,” Collins said in a release. “The event brought a good mixture of police officers, former military personnel, and lots of families and kids. I had an amazing time.”

The “MatchMeister Man-on-Man Shoot Off,” open only to previous GSSF overall match winners, was once again, won by Butch Barton. The crowd of on-lookers cheered as Barton bested 15 of the other GSSF match winners.

Participants shot in 22 active bays overseen by a host of volunteer Range Officers responsible for ensuring gun safety – a paramount concern for Glock and GSSF.

“Being surrounded by both adults and teenagers with firearms reminded me that most accidents we hear about in the news today are due to a gross lack of safety education and lack of parental guidance on the issue,” Collins Jr. said. “You won’t see that here. It’s a beautiful andloving environment to be in. I can’t recommend it enough!”

GSSF has nine remaining matches for the balance of the year. For more information, please visit

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