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GLOCK, Inc. announced the launch of public access to GLOCK ID, the brand new, exclusive online community for gun enthusiasts and loyal fans. Pre-registrants have been active in the community for several weeks, and already, there are more than 10,000 active members who have earned more than 30 million points and 70,000 ‘patches’ collectively.

GLOCK ID offers members several key components: a virtual gun safe to keep track of range time, cleaning dates and more;
training lessons; a community Q&A for peer discussion; an engaging process for earning points and patches to rank up and earn GLOCK rewards.

“GLOCK ID is already a growing community with current members sharing questions and answers, images and input,” said Josh Dorsey, GLOCK Vice President. “We are excited about the possibilities for the community and look forward to even more engagement as additional members join the conversation.”

GLOCK ID members have the opportunity to interact with other GLOCK enthusiasts while earning points, which ultimately lead to GLOCK rewards. The rank and reward structure encourages competition and engagement. By participating in various activities (watching a training video, answering fellow members’ questions, logging time at the range, etc.), members of GLOCK ID can earn patches. Those patches translate into points, which then designate a member’s rank within the community. Finally, those rank levels determine tangible rewards from GLOCK.

First access was given to GLOCK’s dedicated social media fans on the company’s Facebook and Twitterpages. Those who pre-registered before the launch date earned the exclusive “Early Adopter” patch and benefitted from a head-start on earning points.

Source: GLOCK

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