Grand Rapids officers responded to a call recently and received threatening, cursing taunts from bystanders. Amateur video captured the scene, as officers calmly detained a 13-year-old minor who allegedly brandished a replica firearm.

The recovered BB gun carried a strong resemblance to a classic Colt 1911, complete with wording down the left side of the slide. The BB gun also lacked any kind of orange muzzle or other identifying mark to differentiate it from a firearm. However, the crowd assembled seemingly thought the police action unnecessary.

“City Manager Mark Washington commended Grand Rapids officers for exercising “a great deal of restraint” when dealing with youth who are carrying realistic-looking weapons,” reported

“We’ve seen in other communities where there has been loss of life because of that,” Washington said, as reported by “We want to make sure whenever there are people, children and adults, using those irresponsibly, that we have the ability to enforce the law to the extent it’s possible.”

The scene began after officers were dispatched after receiving calls of a teenager handling a gun in public, according to Officers found the teen and held him at gunpoint. Then they handcuffed and detained him in a cruiser until it was determined the BB gun wasn’t a threat. Authorities later released the teen to his mother, according to

Footage clearly shows the officers handling the situation with cool heads. But that didn’t stop onlookers from launching into an all-out verbal assault. Several bystanders shouted slurs and obscenities at the officers.

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