Thor Grayson County meth
Grayson County Law Enforcement Fighting Meth Epidemic

Grayson County is located some 50 miles north of Dallas near the Oklahoma border.

Like most areas around the country, law enforcement in Grayson County is battling a serious drug problem: meth.

Different agencies around the county use different tactics when searching out the meth. Grayson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Mark Haning uses his Czech Republic-born German shepherd sidekick, Thor.

“There’s things that we may hand search a car for and totally miss it because it’s it’s hidden in a compartment,” Haning told KXII 12 in Texas. “[Thor]’s going to start scratching, that’s his alert … and he’s going to start barking at where the odor is coming from.”

Haning estimates that 90 percent of the drug cases he deals with involve meth. He said Thor has proved to be an incredibly useful resource for the department.

Meanwhile, the local Denison and Sherman Police Departments have been working with state and federal agencies, like the Drug Enforcement Agency, KXII 12 reported.

“The information they give us might, for example a vehicle description, be the piece of the puzzle our narcotics officers are looking at,” Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton told KXII 12.

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