A Grove City Police Officer rushed in to disarm a 12-year-old boy armed with two knives, likely saving lives. Dash cam footage shows the boy holding a knife to his throat, clearly presenting a danger to himself.

While law enforcement officers normally keep distance between themselves and a threat armed with a knife, the situation proved unique.

Once disarmed, additional officers rush in to safely subdue the child, apprehending the minor and dissolving a potentially deadly situation.

“I wasn’t sure what his intentions were, if he was going to hurt himself or hurt me or try to hurt another innocent bystander, officer Brandon Judd said in report posted on “We didn’t communicate at all. We all knew was was going on. They knew what I was doing. I knew what they were doing without actually saying a word.”

Grover City Police Defuse Tense Moment

Footage clearly shows the child, with a fist clenched, holding a knife to his throat as officers first respond. Meanwhile, Judd slowly walks behind the minor, as the boy looks elsewhere, moving in and grabbing both wrists, causing the child to drop both knives without incident.

“I figured if I could slowly walk out of his view, maybe he would forget about me, Judd said in the report. “(I’m) going against our training. I knew I’d be able to overpower the kid if I could get close enough … It was a huge relief. People may not realize that even though he’s a small child, he could still hurt somebody or hurt himself with those knives.”

Grover City Police authorities ultimately took the child to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he was eventually released. The boy will be facing several charges, including assault, aggravated menacing and theft, according to

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