After saying last month it won’t rearrange its long-term recruitment plans for the hot topic of guns, the Wyoming Business Council said today it continues to pursue short-term recruitment of Colorado gun companies.

Last month, some gun-related companies in Colorado announced intentions to leave the state after legislation passed that limits ammunition magazine size to 15 rounds and requires universal background checks and charged gun buyers for the checks. Many states have been vocal about welcoming the gun companies and the hundreds of jobs that could come with them. States ranging the political spectrum from Texas to Maine have vied for the opportunity to host the companies leaving Colorado.

“Rest assured we are also engaged in that [recruitment,] maybe not in as visible a way as some,” said Wyoming Business Council CEO Bob Jensen today during a conference call. He said “a lot of good conversations” have been going on both with companies that have publicized their decision to move and with others.

But Jensen said moving a company is a challenging thing to do, setting back some timelines originally anticipated. Magpul Industries Corp., one of the most vocal opponents to the legislation, vowed to manufacture its 30-round cartridge outside Colorado within 30 days. Magpul missed its target and is still in talks.

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