Federal Ammunition donated N-95 masks to local hospitals, as gun industry companies fight spread of COVID-19.
Federal Ammunition donated 200 N-95 respirators to local hospitals.

For all those working inside the gun industry, it’s a secret we know well. Gun industry companies comprise a special breed of folks. Several companies within the industry proved that adage once again, rallying to support the ongoing fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Gun Industry Companies Fight COVID-19

Federal Ammunition recently located two cases of N-95 masks, donating the respirator masks to two local hospitals in Minnesota. The donation sent 200 FDA-approved masks to hospitals in desperate need of the equipment.

Veteran-owned Nine Line Apparel recently vowed to turn its manufacturing capabilities to creating affordable N-95 masks. The company’s founder vowed to take the cost, and the critical waiting time, out of the equation.

“We do not want these multi-billion dollar DoD contractors to drag their hells and make billions of dollars while people die,” founder Tyler Merritt said on Fox Buisiness’ “Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast.”

“Right now, there’s a contract for 500 million masks to be produced in the next 18 months,” Merritt continued. “We don’t have 18 months. We have days.”

Several Companies Step Up

Remington CEO Ken D’Arcy offered up around 1 million square-feet of manufacturing space to manufacture needed hospital supplies. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order to cease all non-essential work ordered the Illion, New York facility closed. But D’Arcy said Remington remained ready to “enlist in wartime production.”

“The Remington plant in Ilion now has approximately one million square feet of unused and available manufacturing space,” D’Arcy said in a letter to Cuomo and President Trump, reported ithacajournal.com. “We would be honored to donate our facility to the production of ventilators, surgical masks, hospital beds or any other products mission-critical to the war on coronavirus.”

The NSSF, via its Gun Owners Care initiative, is encouraging healthy Americans to donate blood to the American Red Cross. The Red Cross faces drastic blood shortages across the country, a direct result of the pandemic.

Brownells helped out by donating computer server space for research test modeling. Blue Alpha Gear and Cole-TAC both announced intentions to produce face masks. Meanwhile, Smith & Wesson reportedly donated 10,000 sets of eye protection to Baystate Health Medical Centers. It also sent N-95 masks to police in Springfield, Mass.

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