Some popular firearms like the AR-15 are now selling for up to $600 less than they did at the start of 2009.

The price drop can be attributed to a variety of factors including some that could send the prices back up.

Like most other things, gun prices are largely based on supply and demand.

But it’s what causes that demand and influences supply that can be surprising.

At the start of 2009, the demand caused by gun enthusiasts scrambling to purchase weapons and artillery led the price of many popular guns to skyrocket.

“I hear people saying it’s due to the new president. They’re afraid he’s going to put a ban on firearms and ammunition”, said one gun show participant back in March 2009.

With ten years experience in firearms training and retail, and as a certified instructor for Ricochet CHL classes, Gaylene Stansbery, knows her guns.

“A year and a half ago they were a little bit higher. Now they’ve kind of gone down and they’ve stabilized a little bit”, she says.

In some cases that’s an understatement. AR-15 assault rifles that sold for upwards of $1200 dollars in 09 can now be found at about $800 dollars.

Some say it’s tied to politics.

“There has been a panic every time somebody that was perceived to be an anti-gunner got elected to the presidency. Bill Clinton, when he was elected, it did somewhat the same thing as when Barack Obama was elected”, says John Krenik, of the Midland Shooters Association.

But even entertainment can affect prices.

After Dirty Harry came out in the 70s, the Smith & Wesson 29 was near impossible to find.

“When they came out with Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers that drove the prices up pretty high just about overnight”, says Krenik.

And sometimes rumors are wrong.

“What happened with Obama was that nothing really happened. The congress hasn’t enacted any gun control measures so the panic kind of subsided and there was a tremendous amount of production ramped up at that time so now there’s a lot of guns out there and a little bit of a glut”, says Krenik.

So prices are lower. But don’t be surprised if there’s another panic come election time.

“Price will start to trend up again. Actually, if you want to buy an AR-15 this is a good time to do it”, says Krenik.

While gun prices have fluctuated during the past three years, memberships at the Midland Shooters Association have increased about three-fold during that same time.

Source: Beau Berman for CBS7 KOSA.

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