Miami, Florida–, the premier gun classifieds and online auction site for hunters, shooters, gun collectors, etc… has expanded its services to further support firearms dealers by driving business through their doors.

A new concept in the gun industry has finally come together with the addition of AcuSport to the GunsAmerica “On Demand” program this week. In the vast array of models, options, and now even colors in the firearms industry, it is impossible for the stocking dealer to keep every version of every gun on their shelves. Yet every month a new version is on the covers of magazines and in print ads purchased by the consumer. “There is consumer demand” says Paul Helinski, founder of GunsAmerica, “but nobody has the guns. Today’s consumer wants what they want, not half of what they want or most of what they want. If you don’t have the gun in stock the consumer will either buy nothing, or find a way to buy the gun”.

That is why GunsAmerica has launched On Demand. It is a part of a unique platform built into the new website to support the stocking “brick and mortar” dealer. AcuSport is the only distributor that requires a picture of your brick and mortar store on file, so they were a natural match to launch the program. Dealers will not be limited to fulfilling orders through AcuSport, but until other distributors come into the system, they will only be permissioned through AcuSport for now.

Participation in the program is free. Once permissioned via their FFL number by a distributor, the dealer simply signs up through their normal GunsAmerica account and selects which guns they want to take orders for “On Demand”. Fees are simple and the same as all standard GunsAmerica after sale fees, ten dollars for most guns. The key to the system is a “Minimum Advertised Price” (MAP). “Everyone who does not have the actual gun in hand will be advertising the same gun for the same price, to prevent bottom feeding,” explains Helinski. “That way the stocking dealer does not have to undercut his shelf price with an online price and our industry does not get devalued by dealers with no overhead costs.”

Several manufacturers are in the pipeline providing data on all of their SKUs, and the program should be ready for orders with the first manufacturers being Mossberg, Remington, SIG SAUER and Kahr within a few weeks. Stocking dealers should contact AcuSport to be permissioned in the system and an E-Mail Blast will be sent to the existing AcuSport dealers this week. has over one million devoted and passionate gun enthusiasts using their website services every month. GunsAmerica understands their customers and are as equally passionate about their 2nd Amendment rights.

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Miami, Florida--, the premier gun classifieds and online auction site for hunters, shooters,…