Gunsite Academy, the world’s premier and longest running privately owned firearms training facility has announced five new courses that will be added to the 2016 schedule. Of those five courses, three are keep the tactical enthusiast in mind.

The courses have been designed to meet the current challenges and concerns facing everyday American citizens. The courses are now up on Gunsite’s website and open for enrollment.

The professional staff at Gunsite — all of whom have at least two decades of experience in our military and/or law enforcement — has designed these five new, real world courses to address some of the most common dangers faced by the average person.

Each of these courses feature expert instruction that includes up to date information in classroom presentations, the best firearms instruction available and practical exercises including force on force scenarios to reinforce the skills learned.

Active Shooter/Terrorist Response For Civilians

The threat or perceived threat of an active shooter/terrorist is of significant concern to many of us in today’s world. At issue however, is the level of hype or hyperbole associated with the topic. Most of the information is based on the hysterics of the media, which has little basis in fact. Active Shooter/Terrorist Response for Civilians will dispel the myths and provide you with practical, effective strategies and skills that can save your live and the lives of others.

Defense Against Street Crimes

The most common issue a Gunsite Academy graduate may encounter in which they will apply the skills learned at the ranch is a crime against their person or the person of another for whom they accept responsibility. Street crimes include, assault, sexual assault, armed robbery, carjacking and many other violent attacks that occur in public settings, outside the comfort of your home or business.

Home Defense

Your home is your castle only if you can defend it! Learn the best tactics and methods of keeping you and your family safe in the place you spend the most time: your home!

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