The working lives of Gwinnett County, Georgia public safety and administrative personnel are set to undergo a dramatic technological change, as the rapidly-growing Atlanta suburb rolls out an advanced Electronic Ticketing and Processing System. Contracted last year from Louisiana-based Thinkstream, Inc., the new system is expected to enhance the efficiency, accuracy and safety of everyone from police and animal control officers to fire marshals and code enforcement inspectors.

Personnel in the field will employ a mix of laptop computers and handheld devices to fill out and issue citations, prepare crash and incident reports, and send data electronically to the Clerk of Court, the county’s Records Management System or other appropriate databases.

Although Thinkstream has previously provided this technology to various cities and counties in Louisiana and other states, this will be its first installation in the Peach State, according to the firm’s President & CEO, Barry Bellue. “Our technology, as it has elsewhere, will allow Gwinnett County public safety officers and other personnel to operate much more efficiently, giving them more productive availability by reducing the amount of time spent on paperwork,” he said.

A key factor in Gwinnett’s selection of Thinkstream over other vendors considered in last year’s evaluation process was the company’s demonstrated ability to provide a fast, efficient and reliable solution for streamlining the ticketing process from the field through the entire justice system, without requiring the county to modify or replace its existing systems, or alter internal workflow or processes, according to officials.

The Thinkstream system provides automatic ticket writing capabilities that enable a laptop or handheld device to scan the magnetic strip or bar code on a driver’s license or vehicle registration, and automatically fill in the relevant information on the citation. This eliminates the need for time-consuming copying while ensuring the accuracy of the information on the citation. Additional step-saving features include citation “pick lists” that allow officers to select from menus of statutes, instead of having to enter complex sets of numbers and letters while standing at the side of a busy thoroughfare. Officers can print citation copies on the spot while simultaneously uploading citation data to the County’s central servers.

Among the advanced capabilities that will be available to county personnel include access to Thinkstream’s Street Smart application, which allows an officer to execute a search of motor vehicle records and vehicle registration databases, as well as the National Crime Information Center, to learn if any warrants are on file for an offending motorist or whether the vehicle has been involved in any criminal activity.

“Having instant, electronic access to that kind of information in the field helps reduce radio traffic with dispatchers,” Bellue said, freeing up those dispatchers to handle other calls, rather than receiving inbound calls from field officers, running computer checks at the department and then relaying the information back out to officers.”

Other law enforcement agencies and municipalities currently using the Thinkstream system have been realizing significant savings because human error is reduced, according to Bellue, who expects similar improvements and savings for Gwinnett County. “The new system will save steps and time, not only for officers on the street but also for administrative personnel,” he stated “accelerating the administrative process, while reducing errors and improving conviction rates.”

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