A Georgia Department of Community Supervision officer is out of a job, and her friend faces felony charges, after Gwinnett Police spotted the pair pulling a fast one on a local QuikTrip. The friend used the officer’s badge and gun to pose as an officer to score some free food. But she now faces felony charges for impersonating an officer.

While its common for local businesses to give discounts and perks to law enforcement officers on duty, the officer observed suspicious behavior when he saw Edgerton use the badge to score free food. So Gwinnett Police officer J.T. Smith followed the suspect, according to

Gwinnett Police Catch Woman Posing as LE

Officer body cam footage captured the stop, where a defiant suspect, identified as 33-year-old Pektra LaQuiche Edgerton, pushes back immediately upon being stopped. Officer Smith tells Edgerton he stopped her for having a broken brake light. But when the officer asks Edgerton where she works, the suspect becomes clearly agitated.

“Did you stop me because my brake light is out or diid you stop me to ask me who I work for?” Edgerton asks.

“Are you a police officer or are you not a police officer?” Smith responds flatly.

Then Edgerton takes it up a notch, alleging Smith pulled her over simply because she is black.

“So because a black person walks into a store with a badge and a gun, it’s an issue,” Edgerton said.

“It has nothing to do with you being black,” Smith replies.

In short order, Smith then gets to the bottom of the situation, learning that the passenger, Brandi Green, leant her gun and badge to Edgerton. That’s when Officer Smith calls DCS, letting the agency know what its employee has been up to.

“After Ms. Green was made aware of the forthcoming investigation, she resigned on the same day, DCS said in a statement, reported

Police arrested Edgerton for impersonating an officer. She also faces a moving violation for a broken brake light. Police released the suspect after she posted a $4,146 bond, according to

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