We’ve all seen the headlines touting the smart gun concept—in which authorized users are the only people who can fire the weapon—as the next evolution in firearm safety. But how reliable is the technology?

A hacker recently decided to put that question to the test, and, well, let’s just say the smart gun has a ways to go.

The hacker, who goes by pseudonym Plore, specifically looked at the Armatix IP1. The IP1 is a smart gun that fires when paired with an accompanying RFID wrist watch. Plore found that he was able bypass the IP1’s security system to make it fire a number of different ways. One included using $15 worth of magnets.

Plore plans on presenting his findings regarding the Armatix IP1 at the DEF CON Hacking Conference this week.

Watch the video above to see Plore demonstrate his IP1 workarounds.

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