We’ve officially entered a new era in police shootings. They will undoubtably be scrutinized to the fullest going forward, especially when they prove fatal. That scrutiny played out in all its forms recently when Detroit police shot and killed Hakim Littleton July 5.

Detroit Police Shoot, Kill Hakim Littleton

The incident began when police attempted to arrest a shooting suspect. The previous day, a block party in Detroit erupted in gunfire. Eight victims received gunshot wounds, and three people died, The Detroit News reported.

Footage shows officers attempt to arrest a suspect in the July 4 shooting. Then footage shows Littleton intervening. He allegedly pulls a gun from his pants and fires at an officer’s head.

“They were in the neighborhood because of the July 4th shooting,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig told The Detroit News. “They were met by an individual who had one focus – taking the life of a police officer.”

Footage shows officers immediately respond after Littleton fires on the officer. In short order, officers return fire, ultimately killing Littleton. Members of the community then immediately turned to protest, The Detroit News reported. Even after the police released video of the fatal incident, many continued to protest.

“The protestors put out a false narrative, angering many, trying to incite violence against police officers,” Craig said.

“The real motive is not about the memory of Mr. Floyd,” Craig continued further. “The motive is to undermine our society as it is today. It’s always this small group who is launching coordinated attacks around the country focused on law enforcement.”

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