Travis Haley‘s Haley Strategic training is well known throughout the U.S.

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In response to the age old question, “what do we bring to your class?”, Haley Strategic has released a couple of visual guides detailing what they feel is the optimal loadout for both their Disruptive Environments Carbine class and Disruptive Environments Handgun class.

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The Disruptive Environments Handgun class includes the following:

  • HSP Troubleshooter Cap
  • HSP Gasket EyeWare
  • G-Code Holsters OSH Holster
  • G-Code Holsters Magazine Carriers
  • Lone Wolf Distributors Glock 17
  • Surefire X300
  • HSP Klean Canteen and Carrier
  • Surefire Pen
  • Energy Gel
  • Jones Tactical EDC Belt
  • Sordin Supreme-Pro X Hearing Protection

For its Disruptive Environments Carbine class, Haley Strategic wanted its potential students to name the items in the photo.

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