“Please don’t hurt me.” That’s what 9-1-1 operators heard a little boy plead to his mother multiple times. Meanwhile, the child’s mother spoke in threatening tones, prompting the Nevada-based Henderson Police to respond quickly.

Henderson Police Responds

The mother, 37-year-old Claudia Nadia Rodriguez, told the 9-1-1 operator, “They’re trying to kill each other. They’re making us do it. We got to kill each other,” reported

Recently released officer body cam footage shows the encounter as police arrive on the scene. Police found that little boy, only 6 years old, with 25 stab wounds when they arrived. Police took him to University Medical Center where he is expected to survive.

Footage shows the responding officer facing quite the scene. The little boy, covered in blood, comes to the door. The officer immediately asks for medical for the boy. Shortly after, Rodriguez comes to the door screaming and acting extremely erratic. She immediately begins the struggle with the officer, yelling “You got to kill me.”

A struggle ensues where it appears the officer attempts to re-holster and subdue the woman. However, the woman somehow manages to get the weapon into her hands. The officer yells, “She’s got my gun!” During the intense struggle that followed, Rodriguez manages to fire the weapon at least once, according to That’s when police finally shoot Rodriguez. It’s unclear if the officer struggling with the suspect or other officer actually shot the suspect.

Rodriguez received seven referrals to the Department of Family Services over the last couple of years, according to She previously faced charges of alleged abuse, found unsubstantiated, while other documents in a custody dispute allege domestic violence and a history of abuse, according to

Following the shooting, authorities transported Rodriquez to a local hospital, where she died from a gunshot wound, according to

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