Henry and Brownells partner to honor Cpl. Harold Pie Keller.

Associated Press photographer immortalized the Marine Corps forever on February 23, 1945. His image captured the iconic flag-raising atop Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima. For the next 70 years, debate ensued as historians attempted to positively identify each sailor and Marine. Then in October 2019 Harold “Pie” Keller became recognized as a flag-raiser, 74 years after the famous photo. Now Henry Repeating Arms and Brownells join forces to recognize Keller’s place in history.

Henry, Brownells Honor Iwo Jima Flag-Raiser Pie Keller

The Brooklyn Community Foundation, from Keller’s hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa, spearheads an effort to raise a monument in Keller’s honor. Funded in part by Henry and Brownells, a Henry limited-edition series Golden Boy will help raise the $17,000 remaining to erect the monument. Brownells will sell 100 Golden Boy Pie Keller Memorial Edition rifles.

Brownells will offer the rifles in its Grinnell, Iowa retail store and online. The sale begins Monday, June 14. Henry Arms will donate $50 from sale of each gun sold. It will also donate all the proceeds from an online auction offering the first rifle in the series. Bidding for serial number 1 beings Flag Day on gunbroker.com (item #90264686).

“We sincerely appreciate Henry Repeating Arms, Brownells, and Crow Shooting Supply for stepping up to the plate and providing so much assistance to make this monument a reality,” said Rusty Clayton, Brooklyn Community Foundation. “This is going to solidify Pie’s name and legacy in our town forever, and we could not have done it without the contributions that will come out of these incredible rifles.”

Paying Tribute

The Pie Keller Memorial rifle features a custom engraved American walnut buttstock. It depicts a triumphant Keller at the summit of Mount Suribachi, rifle in hand. His fellow Marines in the background lift the flag, depicted in Rosenthal’s image. The etching, “February 23, 1945,” adorns the stock as well, along with a flowing scroll banner with Keller’s name. The Golden Boy rifle comes in .22 LR. It features a Brasslite receiver cover, barrel band and buttplate. A 20-inch steel octagon barrel rounds out the package. It retails for $744.

A special-edition Henry Golden Boy rifle honors Pie Keller and the Iwo Jima flag-raising.

“The fact that “Pie” was misidentified for over 76 years is a testament to the man’s humility,” said Anthony Imperato, President, and Owner of Henry Repeating Arms. “He never came forward as one of the flag-raisers, not even to his kids, and I look forward to visiting the memorial to pay my respects to this incredible man in person.”

“We are honored to recognize a true hometown hero who made history by raising the American flag on the island of Iwo Jima more than 75 years ago,” said Pete Brownell, Chairman of Brownells. “The image of the flag-raising has become a symbol of valor and unity in the United States. It’s fitting to have “Pie” Keller’s heroics memorialized on another American icon, the Henry rifle, as it benefits a new memorial to Brooklyn, Iowa’s hometown hero.”

The Pie Heller Golden Boy retails for $744. For even more info, please visit henryusa.com.

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