Henry Prayers for Preslie rifle

Here’s one story that should hit every gun owner right in the feels. Henry Repeating Arms recently donated a series of 65 custom rifles, dubbed Prayers for Preslie. The proceeds will raise money to help a 3-year-old Michigan girl battling leukemia.

Henry Prayers for Preslie Rifles

The rifles first became available Oct. 6, and within a matter of hours raised more than $39,000. Now only the first and last rifles in the series remain, both up for auction on Gunbroker.com. All proceeds will benefit Preslie Mantsch and her courageous fight.

Doctors diagnosed Mantsch, from Iron River, Mich., with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in April. Her father, Thomas, found out while waiting in the parking lot of the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital, unable to go inside due to COVID-19 restrictions. Thomas is a frontline healthcare worker and first responder with local ambulance and fire. Now the family must travel four and a half hours, four to five days per week, for treatment. Young Preslie will undergo at least two more years of treatment. In any light, the Mantsch family faces tremendous hardship.

“Preslie is a magical, kind-hearted, wonderful, smart, and caring little girl,” Thomas said. “She has a fighting spirit, and I am praying that she beats this.” He continues, “It is nerve-wracking to be working so close to the coronavirus frontlines with a daughter that is immunocompromised because of her chemo. We’re taking every precaution to keep her safe, but it’s hard.”

Henry Prayers for Preslie Edition Golden Boy Silver Details

The Prayers for Preslie Edition Golden Boy Silver rifle comes in .22 S/L/LR. It features a nickel-plated receiver cover, buttplate and barrel band. The steel octagon barrel exhibits a deep blue finish. The genuine American walnut buttstock comes engraved with an orange leukemia awareness ribbon. It includes stylized butterfly wings, symbolizing hope and Preslie’s endurance. The words “Prayers For Preslie” adorn the stock in matching bright orange.

Baron Engraving donated the engraving work and hand-painted details. Each rifle in the series includes a unique serial number ranging from “PRESLIE01” to “PRESLIE65.”

“It is heart-wrenching to think of what children like Preslie and their families have to go through when they get a diagnosis as serious as leukemia,” said Henry President and Owner Anthony Imperato. “We get so personally invested into each of our Guns For Great Causes benefits as soon as we see the first photo of the kid’s smile, and we hope this goes a long way to helping the Mantsch family in these most challenging of times.”

Those with means can still bid on a great rifle, for an even greater cause. For more information, visit henryusa.com.

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