Henry Rifles Recall, Henry Repeating Arms Safety Warning, Single Shot

Henry Repeating Arms issued a safety warning and voluntary recall Thursday for all H015-series Single Shot Rifles and Single Shot Shotguns. The recall covers all firearms manufactured prior to July 1, 2020.

Henry Rifles Issues Safety Warning, Recall

Henry recently discovered a potential safety issue, making it possible for some models to discharge without pulling the trigger. The condition takes place when the hammer is partially cocked and released.

Henry warns to immediately stop using all H015-series Single Shot Rifles and Single Shot Shotguns. Additionally, the company asks owners not load or fire them until upgraded.

Henry discovered the problem during internal testing of the existing fire control system. This is the first product safety recall in the company’s nearly 25-year history.

Henry also said that the issue might not affect all H015-series firearms. However, the manufacturer requests that shooters send in all rifles and shotguns anyway. The free upgrade will fix the issue, preventing any possibility of accidental discharge, according to Henry.

To have your firearm fixed, Henry asks that owners visit the Henry HO15 Recall Website, email [email protected], or call 1-866-200-2354.

Henry will upgrade all returned rifles and shotguns in the order in which received. Additionally, Henry says its ready to begin the upgrades immediately. The company also stated it would attempt to complete the and return firearms as soon as possible.

As a sign of appreciation, Henry will also perform an unrelated performance upgrade to improve the trigger pull on all firearms returned. And that, too, will be free of charge.

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