An armed security guard carrying camouflage body paint and a badge is accused of pointing a high-powered laser at an Orange County sheriff’s helicopter, temporarily blinding the crew.

The pilot radioed deputies on the ground near Mercy Drive and Shader Road late Tuesday night, saying the light was believed to be coming from a dark-colored sport utility vehicle, deputies said.

Investigators then found Frank Anderson parked in a Jeep nearby.

Inside Anderson’s Jeep, deputies said they found “tactical law enforcement equipment, including holsters, duty belts, handcuffs, a police-style badge, sheriff’s office civilian identification card, flashlights, a mask, camouflage face and body paint, two-way radios and knives,” according to an Orange County sheriff’s report.

Investigators found a high-powered laser pointer laying on the ground nearby, Orange County deputies said.

When Anderson was questioned, he told investigators he owns a security company and was doing patrols when he spotted the sheriff’s helicopter following him, deputies said. Anderson also said he wanted to know why the chopper was “hovering over him,” according to the report.

Deputies said the helicopter crew identified Anderson as the person who pointed the laser into the cockpit for about five seconds and that the laser, “presented a grave threat to both their lives and safety, as well as the lives of persons present on the ground below their aircraft.”

Anderson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, culpable negligence and pointing a laser light into a cockpit.


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