Without question, law enforcement officers sometimes face impossible situations. Such was the case for Hillsborough Deputy in Florida recently, when a suspect simply refused to comply. Recently released officer body cam footage shows the suspect appear to go for a gun, prompting officers to open fire, ultimately killing the man.

Hillsborough Deputy Begs Suspect to Show Hands Before Firing

The incident began when deputies spotted 27-year-old Dylan Ray Scott in a parking lot outside a local McDonald’s. Police wanted Scott for outstanding warrants. Footage shows Scott ignore commands, tearing out in his truck from the parking lot. He promptly crashes into an oncoming minivan.

Police pursue on foot, immediately commanding Scott show his hands. It’s here where Scott allegedly claims he has a pistol. The next couple of minutes of footage shows Deputy Timothy Miskell pleading with Scott just to show his hands. He uses every tactic possible to get the suspect to comply. He says multiple times he doesn’t want to shoot the man.

“We do not take anything personally and I do not want to shoot you, but if you don’t show me your hands, that’s what’s gonna happen,” the officer says. “Put your hands up. Please don’t make me do this.”

Ultimately, Scott refuses to comply. He finally makes a move, appearing to reach for something. The officer opens fire in response. Scott received several gunshot wounds, killing him. Upon further investigation, officers found no gun in the truck.

“The deputies did an absolutely textbook job of trying to get him to surrender himself, stopping short of begging him not to reach for this firearm that he said that he had,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said told the Tampa Bay Times.

Instead, Scott “takes that overt action to reach toward the firearm where he said (it) was located, and the deputies opened fire,” Chronister added.

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