Homes on the Homefront Thank Military Family at KC Chiefs NFL Game

Homes on the Homefront surprised a military couple and awarded them with a home in front of the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium’s Military Appreciation Day. The program helps secure military members with a place for them and their family members to live, giving them part of “the American dream,” owning a home.

Thomas and Monica were both members of the US Army, who have moved all over the country, looking for a place to finally settle down. Thomas is originally from Kansas City and recently took a job with the Army Reserve in Independence; they have been in the process of looking for a home, but in the meantime, the family is currently living with Thomas’ mother.

“Our mission statement is providing emergency assistance and other assistance to service members, their families and wounded warriors,” Paul Cupach, Executive Director of Operation Homefront of Kansas and Missouri explained. “We primarily help the demographic between E1 to E6, because those are the ones that are the most financially challenged in the military.”


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