Civil unrest in Hong Kong reached new highs recently when a member of the Hong Kong Police pulled a revolver and shot a protestor in the chest. The shooting, which took place in the middle of a wild protest, was captured on amateur video.

Hong Kong Police Shoots Protestor

Footage shows one protestor, dressed in white, engage with a member of Hong Kong Police. As the two struggle, another protestor approaches, appearing as though he may jump in to outnumber the officer. But instead of fight off another protestor, the officer pulls a revolver and shoots the man in the chest at extreme close range.

The incident began when anti-government protestors blocked train lines and roads, with violence spiraling out of control, according to This week’s protest becomes the latest in a growing movement in Hong Kong. As Hong Kong residents continue to demand democratic reforms from the Chinese government, violence continues to grow. Protests and violence have wracked the semi-autonomous Chinese territory for five months, according to

While video shows police shoot one protestor, elsewhere another Hong Kong student succumbed to injuries sustained during a fall during a protest, according to Meanwhile, police reportedly arrested six pro-democracy lawmakers over the weekend.

Police said only one protestor suffered a gunshot wound, according to Officials said the victim remained in critical condition. The incident marked the second protestor shot since demonstrations began in June, according to In that time, police arrested more than 3,300 protestors in that time.

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