She’s affectionately known as the “Hood Mom” and she’s patrolling Buffalo’s crime-ridden streets, all in the name of mercy.

There’s been a lot of violence and gunfire in recent weeks, especially in certain pockets of Buffalo.

News 4 stumbled upon a woman, probably among the bravest, who is working hard to make a difference.

Mollie Wimberly patrols Buffalo’s most dangerous streets like a police officer.

She is sharp and observant.

And, when she sees trouble, she stops.

Wimberly said, “I got one kid with a gun screaming, another with a gun. I’m standing here like this. I’m afraid, but at the same time if I show fear at that point I might as well not show up.”

Wimberly isn’t a detective, although she knows plenty of officers.

Source Lorey: Schultz for WIVB.

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She's affectionately known as the "Hood Mom" and she's patrolling Buffalo's crime-ridden streets, all…