A unit within DOD chose Hornady 300 Blackout TAP ammunition for close quarters operation.

A specialized group from within the U.S. Department of Defense recently selected Hornady 300 Blackout, 190-grain, Sub-X TAP ammunition. The selection provides ammo suited for close quarters operations.

DOD Unit Chooses Hornady 300 Blackout TAP Ammo

Hornady 300 Blackout features a 190-grain Sub-X (Subsonic eXpanding) bullet. It includes Hornady’s patented Flex Tip technology, specifically designed to expand at subsonic velocities, yet still meet FBI protocol.

The cartridge comes loaded with a powder optimized to provide flash suppression. The clean-burning powder also functions in short barrel to carbine length rifles, according to Hornady. The round includes Hornady bullets, specially selected cases and carefully matched powder.

Hornady continues to drive innovation and create headlines of late, especially with an eye toward military applications. In June we reported on the company’s newest cartridge, the 6mm ARC. The new round generated headlines with news Barrett shipped REC7 rifles to DOD chambered in the new round.

Back in April, we reported Hornady won a contract to provide 6.5 Creedmoor for a new semi-auto AR-10. That contract also cited “a specialized group within DoD.”

Clearly, somewhere within the Defense Department, there are some highly trained individuals that keep choosing Hornady ammunition products. Let’s hope they put it to good use. For more information, visit hornady.com.

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