“Made in New Hampshire” guns that are free from federal laws and taxes would be manufactured and sold here with legislation clearing the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

This 240-120 vote was another clear signal that Second Amendment supporters are finding much to like in the Republican-dominated Legislature elected with the backing of gun owner rights organizations.
State Rep. Daniel Itse, R-Fremont, said federal taxes have become too onerous and paperwork too intrusive, and this is one small step to assert sanctity of the Commerce Clause.

“Standing as a firewall against a federal government abusing the citizens of New Hampshire exercising authority not delegated by the Constitution is not only a legitimate power but a constitutional duty,” Itse said.

Rep. Gary Richardson, D-Hopkinton, a lawyer, said the bill is blatantly unconstitutional, as it would go so far as to imprison a federal official trying to enforce gun laws.

“These people are drunk with power, they really are,” said Richardson of the House Republicans who gained more than 150 seats and threw the Democrats out of the majority in elections last November.
“There is no court in the world that is going to approve this kind of legislation. It is all politics.”

New Hampshire is home to a few major gunmakers, Sturm Ruger & Co. in Newport, Sigarms Inc. in Exeter and Thompson/Center Arms in Rochester, though the latter firm announced major layoffs last fall.

Source: Kevin Landrigan for Nashua Telegraph.

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