Logos Motorbike special operators
Hybrid-Powered Motorbike in Development For Special Operators (CREDIT: nationaldefensemagazine.org)

Logos Technologies is developing a stealth-based hybrid energy motorbike for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Wade Pulliam, Logos’ manager of advanced concepts, spoke with National Defense Magazine about the project.

The company received a small business innovation research grant earlier this year to design the bike and expects that DARPA will approve further funding to make a prototype, he said. The vehicle will be lighter and easier to handle than the Kawasaki M1030M1 currently in use.

… The motorbike can run on multiple fuels, including JP-8, gasoline or diesel. Logos expects that it will improve on the M1030M1’s fuel efficiency by at least 10 percent, Pulliam said. Its battery can also be used as an auxiliary power supply.

“It is capable of near-silent operation as well as extended range,” Pulliam told National Defense Magazine. “We believe the bike can easily maintain a range of 100 miles between refuels … sufficient to satisfy an existing military capability gap.”

For more information on the hybrid motorbike, please visit NationalDefenseMagazine.org.

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