IACP 2013
IACP 2013

This year, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) show was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, marking the expo’s 120th year as one of the most significant law enforcement events in the country. Designed to showcase the latest in guns, gear and tactics, the IACP conference is only open to representatives from local, state and federal agencies. Come with us for a first look at some of the newest guns and gear introduced!

IACP 2013 - Training with AirSoft
IACP 2013 – Training with AirSoft

Airsoft Training
With LE training budgets shrinking, police firearms instructors are looking for alternatives. Airsoft guns are relatively inexpensive, shoot economical plastic pellets and allow realistic short-range marksmanship skill building and force-on-force training. The airsoft pistol I handled at IACP looked and felt like an LE service handgun; its magazine held 24 rounds and a CO2 cartridge fired the gun and worked the slide. Polymer in construction, it was 8 inches in overall length and weighed 1.7 pounds. Average airsoft pellet velocity is 320 fps (feet per second), so a range can be fabricated by fixing a piece of carpet behind the target to stop pellets. A slight sting lets you know you’ve been hit, and airsoft manufacturers are planning to introduce a marking pellet soon. For more information, visit airsoftmegastore.com or call 818-495-6502.

IACP 2013 - Blackhawk Diversion Work-Out Bag
IACP 2013 – Blackhawk Diversion Work-Out Bag

Blackhawk Diversion Workout Bag
Designed to appear like an ordinary gym bag, the Blackhawk Diversion Workout Bag allows users to discretely carry multiple firearms and additional gear. Just like a gym bag, it has two side handles and a padded shoulder strap. What is different is the main pocket at the top that has a two-way zipper, allowing access to the main compartment along with multiple padded compartment dividers for carrying, say, a pistol-grip shotgun, a disassembled AR or shotgun and other weapons. The padded dividers can accommodate separate upper and lower receivers up to 29 inches long, while the zippered opening at the end allows easy removal. Multiple colors are available at an MSRP of $174.99. For more information, visit blackhawk.com or call 800-694-5263.

IACP 2013 Cerberus Black A-WASP(2)

Cerberus Black A-WASP
The “use of force continuum” starts with commanding physical presence and then progresses to verbal warning. Now, before going on to intermediate force, there’s A-WASP. At a level below “less lethal” methods, it represents a new capability in LE and bridges the gap between an audible order and a projected, forceful acoustic warning. It will deter and repel out to a distance of 200 feet and conforms to U.S. health and safety regulations, plus it features built-in evidence recording (including video). Developed in the UK, it puts out a highly directed beam of sound that is useful for dispersing rioters, breaking up fights, perimeter defense, hostage situations and prison inmate management. For more information, visit cerberusblack.com.

IACP 2013 - Cross Match SEEK Avenger with ePassprt and MRZ accessories
IACP 2013 – Cross Match SEEK Avenger with ePassprt and MRZ accessories

CrossMatch SEEK Avenger
Designed for operations in the field, the compact SEEK Avenger is a biometric- and credential-reading unit. It is designed to accurately capture forensic-quality fingerprints as well as irises. The unit also features high-resolution facial and evidence imaging technology. As a result, the SEEK Avenger offers LEOs multiple biometric enrollment and identity management capabilities—all in a tough and portable package that weighs a mere 3.2 pounds. For more information, visit crossmatch.com or call 866-276-7761.

IACP 2013 - DeSantis Prowler with Glock
IACP 2013 – DeSantis Prowler with Glock

DeSantis Prowler Holster
The new Prowler is the next generation of the company’s Intruder-style holsters, featuring the company’s auto-locking Chek Lok system. This system is designed to make it a Level II self-locking holster. The Prowler can to be used as a tuckable IWB holster, with the available Tuckable 360 C clips, as well as an OWB holster. The Prowler is molded with genuine Kydex to precise specifications. For more information, visit desantisholster.com or call 800-424-1236.

IACP 2013 DoubleTap
IACP 2013 DoubleTap

DoubleTap .410/.45 Colt & .40 S&W
An ideal deep-cover backup gun, the DoubleTap from DoubleTap Defense is now available in two new chamberings—.410/45 Colt and .40 S&W. Both new chamberings of the super-slim double-barrel handgun, available with a titanium or aluminum frame, are offered in 3-inch stainless steel barrel configurations with a matte black finish. The .40 version will be available in both ported and non-ported versions. For more information, visit doubletapdefense.com or call 855-243-4937.

IACP 2013 - Draganflyer Guardian
IACP 2013 – Draganflyer Guardian

Draganflyer Guardian UAV
The Draganflyer Guardian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is an economical alternative and perfect entry-level UAV solution for tactical incidents and documenting traffic accidents and crime scenes. The Guardian has a gyro-stabilized camera mount and comes with a Sony 18MP QX10 with a 10x zoom lens. Video and still images can be sent to the touch-screen controller, and hi-resolution images can be downloaded from the camera. Like all Draganflyer UAVs, the Guardian is designed to be operated by a user in sight of the vehicle. The electric motor has a run time of 20 minutes. For more information, visit draganflyer.com. The MSRP is $7,999.

IACP 2013 - Elbeco VSS 1 Suspension System
IACP 2013 – Elbeco VSS 1 Suspension System

Elbeco V Series Carrier/VSS1 Suspension System
With most of my 37 years as an LEO spent in uniform, support for my 12-pound duty belt is a dream come true. Elbeco has integrated their V Series External Vest Carrier with their VSS 1 Suspension System to provide the ultimate in safety and support. The carrier vest resembles a uniform shirt with pouches front and back and an internal tunnel opening at the shoulder for insertion of an existing armor carrier. It also holds and conceals the VSS 1 Suspension System, which features polyester and latex straps, plus quick-release nylon belt clips. Tunnel loops are included for modifying existing vest carriers. The system redistributes duty-belt weight across the upper torso, relieving the strain on the lower back, hips and legs. For more information, visit elbeco.com or call 800-468-4654.

IACP 2013 - G&G Cuff-Glove Case
IACP 2013 – G&G Cuff-Glove Case

Gould & Goodrich Cuff/Glove And Cell Phone Cases
I like multi-functional items like G&G’s new handcuff case with a pouch for rubber gloves attached inside the cover flap. This inner elastic pouch will carry a pair of disposable latex gloves, which come in handy for searching suspects or handling potentially contaminated items, and will also hold the usual type of police-issue handcuffs—a real space-saver! Another useful item is G&G’s duty belt cell phone case. It will hold most of today’s popular “smartphones” and has a Velcro flap for security. On the back are slots to carry it horizontally or vertically, and a steel clip if you want a quick on/off feature. For more information, visit gouldusa.com or call 800-277-0732.

IACP 2013 - Hogue Buttstock
IACP 2013 – Hogue Buttstock

Hogue Collapsible Stock & Beavertail Grip
The new AR Beavertail Grip for the AR offers a soft rubber beavertail and allows the shooter to place the hand higher up on the grip for maximum comfort, safety and accuracy. They come with a straight front-strap or a finger-groove front strap. Then there’s the OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock that offers a rubber-covered surface on the tube portion, a quick-adjustment lever, a sling swivel and a soft rubber buttpad. For more information, visit getgrip.com or call 800-438-4747.

IACP 2013 - Hogue Powerspeed Holster
IACP 2013 – Hogue Powerspeed Holster

Hogue Powerspeed Holsters
The Hogue Stage 1 Powerspeed Carbon Fiber Weave Holster is now offered in a lightweight carbon-fiber weave. The patented Automatic Retention System (ARS) locks the weapon in the holster and can only be removed when the thumb-operated button is pressed while naturally drawing the handgun. The paddle is adjustable for cant and made of a polymer that forms to the user’s body shape. The holster fits most popular handgun models. MSRP is $49.95. For more information, visit getgrip.com or call 800-438-4747.

IACP 2013 - LaserMax Green Centerfire for Ruger LC9
IACP 2013 – LaserMax Green Centerfire for Ruger LC9

LaserMax Green Centerfire for Ruger LC9/LC380
Green lasers have made real inroads into LE tactical sighting devices. LaserMax has added green laser technology to the Centerfire System, which offers constant beam, controlled on/off activation for right- or left-handed shooters, and it can be mounted in minutes. The 1-ounce unit attaches to the trigger guard of the LC9/380 and sits just under the bore for better accuracy and prevention of fingertip blockage. It uses a 1/3 Lithium battery with a 1-hour life and produces a 532nm (Green) wavelength with 5-megawatt power output. The laser sight is factory aligned at 10 yards and is user adjustable for elevation/windage. For more information, visit lasermax.com or call 800-527-3703.

IACP 2013 - LaserMax GGR Front Facing
IACP 2013 – LaserMax GGR Front Facing

LaserMax Native Green
Guide Rod Lasers for Glock pistols now feature Native Green technology. Green lasers provide enhanced visibility over red lasers, and now the Green Guide Rod Laser is available for Glock pistols. The Green Guide Rod Laser replaces the factory guide rod and can be installed in minutes. It is factory aligned for 20 yards, so there is no need for zeroing the sight. An ambidextrous switch on the takedown lever offers quick activation. Battery life is approximately one hour of continuous use. MSRP ranges from $388-$399 for various models .For more information, visit lasermax.com or call 800-527-3703.

IACP 2013 - Lasershot LE Trainer
IACP 2013 – Lasershot LE Trainer

Laser Shot LE Trainers
Laser Shot has been around for a while, but instead of sitting on their laurels, they have added a new skill drills library for their training simulators, along with a Practical Shooting System and JTS (Judgmental Training System), which is Windows based and can be used with a wireless tablet. It gives the instructor full control of the hi-def scenario (up to 800 of them) to fast-forward, repeat or debrief; the targets in this mode show the hits. Besides firearms, there are other force options like Tasers, batons or OC spray, with the targets giving an appropriate reaction when hit. The inert weapons, however, don’t show a laser splash on screen. For more information, visit lasershot.com or call 281-240-1122.

IACP 2013 - Law Enforcement Targets’ AT 3D CardboardIACP 2013 - Law Enforcement Targets’ AT 3D Cardboard
IACP 2013 – Law Enforcement Targets’ AT 3D Cardboard

Law Enforcement Targets’ AT 3D Cardboard
The 3-D cardboard targets from Law Enforcement Targets are made of the same material as egg cartons. Two halves enclose a corrugated interior, which allows shooters to be scored on internal hits. Rubber bands secure the shell halves together. The targets can take hundreds of rounds and can also be dressed in clothing for added realism. The MSRP for a pack of 15 targets (and related accessories) is $99. For more information, visit letargets.com or call 888-489-7830.

IACP 2013 - Morovision PVS-14 Binocular Kit
IACP 2013 – Morovision PVS-14 Binocular Kit

Morovision PVS-14 Binocular Kit
The new Exelis Night Enforcer PVS-14 is a collimated binocular kit that is designed to combine two NEPVS-14 night vision monocular units into a single integrated unit. In addition, each unit in the system features a “break away” button for immediate access to a single unit if needed. The binocular unit is designed to mount to a helmet and fold up against it when stowed upright. For more information, visit morovision.com or call 800-424-8222.

IACP 2013 - My Case BuilderIACP 2013 - My Case Builder
IACP 2013 – My Case Builder

My Case Builder’s Custom Cases
My Case Builder designs and fabricates custom foam inserts for hard cases made by companies like Pelican, Boyt, Storm and others. You can go online to their website, choose the case size and design the foam insert using a library of weapon images. My Case Builder will then cut the foam insert to your design specifications! Or, you can call them and they’ll design the insert for you. Don’t have a case? The company also offer cases to accommodate its custom foam inserts. For more information, visit mycasebuilder.com or call 800-452-6553.

IACP 2013 -Patriot 3 Armor Wall
IACP 2013 -Patriot 3 Armor Wall

Patriot 3 Armor Wall
In our dangerous world with terrorism, active shooters and crazed snipers, institutional security has been stepped up. Entrance checkpoints are often where the action begins, so security or LE officers need a ready barricade from which to return fire. Patriot 3 has this covered with its Armor Wall. The basic 44-inch by 80-inch modular ballistic-resistant wall section can be used indoors or outdoors and is designed to blend in with typical office décor. NIJ Level III sections weigh 198 pounds and can be customized with gun ports, view ports or drapery tools. An optional protective rolling case makes transportation convenient. There are also cosmetic options like wood-grain laminate or fabric-covered panels. For more information, visit patriot3.com or call 540-891-7353.

IACP 2013 - Shaq in his Point Blank Alpha Elite with CEO Daniel Gaston
IACP 2013 – Shaq in his Point Blank Alpha Elite with CEO Daniel Gaston

Point Blank Alpha Elite Series
New from Point Blank is the Alpha Elite Series of ballistic body armor that is designed around the revolutionary Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology by DSM, in which thousands and thousands of individual fiber filaments are aligned in a unique 0˚/90˚ configuration. The result is armor that provides NIJ Level IIIA performance in a package that offers comfort levels more typical of lighter (and less capable) Level II body armor. For more information, visit pointblankenterprises.com or call 800-413-5155.

IACP 2013 - Ruger SR 762
IACP 2013 – Ruger SR 762

Ruger SR-762
Building on the popularity of the SR-556 series, the new SR-762 from Ruger brings 7.62x51mm piston-driven power to the market. The two-stage piston system of the carbine is designed to run cooler and cleaner than a traditional direct gas impingement system and employs a four-position gas regulator for tuning the carbine to particular loads or shooting conditions. The chrome-lined, 16.12-inch barrel features a 1-in-10-inch rate of twist and sports exterior fluting for reduced weight. For more information, visit ruger.com.

IACP 2013 - SIG P226-SAO Elite
IACP 2013 – SIG P226-SAO Elite

Sig Sauer P226 Elite SAO
I like the ergonomics of the Sig P226 and the crisp action of the 1911 pistol in Condition One, and now I can have both with the Sig P226 Elite SAO (single-action-only). Having the specifications of the famed P226, it has a 4.4-inch barrel, an overall length of 8.2 inches, a height of 5.5 inches and an empty weight of 34.4 ounces. The steel slide is Nitron finished and the alloy frame black hard anodized; the grips are textured polymer, plus it has SigLite night sights and an ambi-safety. The 5-pound factory trigger pull felt light and crisp when I tried it. I was told it would be used by the Texas Department of Public Safety with a stainless frame in .357 Sig. The P226 Elite SAO is also now available in 9mm (15+1 capacity). For more information, visit sigsauer.com or call 603-772-2302.

IACP 2013 - Sig P227 Nitron
IACP 2013 – Sig P227 Nitron

Sig Sauer P227 Nitron
Designed to bring .45 ACP power in a slim-handling pistol with outstanding ergonomics, the P227 combines a 10+1 capacity with a surprisingly compact grip circumference. Featuring a double-action/single-action system of operation with a decocking lever, the P227 Nitron sports a 4.4-inch barrel as well as an integrated accessory rail on the dust cover section of the frame. The weight of the pistol is 32 ounces. For more information, visit sigsauer.com or call 866-345-6744.

IACP 2013 - S&W Lever Lock Cuffs
IACP 2013 – S&W Lever Lock Cuffs

Smith & Wesson Model 100 Lever Lock Handcuffs
Double-locking handcuffs in the field (especially after a hard fight) can be dangerous and difficult, so I was happy to find these new cuffs from S&W that can be double-lock activated (so they don’t get too tight and are more secure) with just a fingertip. No cuff key is needed and there are no miniscule pins to push in or little switches to flip inside a tiny slot—just flick the lever down and away from the chain and the job’s done. The cuffs have chain links, meet NIJ standards and are fabricated from carbon steel. The internal lock work is heat-treated. They can be had in either blue or nickel finish. For more information, visit smith-wesson.com or call 800-331-0852.

IACP 2013 - SureFire P3X Fury
IACP 2013 – SureFire P3X Fury

SureFire P3X Fury
Combining a 15-lumen low-output beam with a powerful 1,000-lumen full-power output, the P3X Fury offers the right amount of light for any tactical situation. A precision reflector is designed to create a tight, focused beam, and the unit is capable of a 60-hour run time on the low-output setting. Measuring 6.8 inches in length and weighing in at 7.2 ounces, the P3X Fury is a great addition to any LEO’s toolkit. For more information, visit surefire.com or call 800-828-8809.

IACP 2013 - Tac Shield Cleaning Kit
IACP 2013 – Tac Shield Cleaning Kit

Tac Shield .45 Cleaning Kit
Featuring 14 pieces, this custom-cased .45 ACP pistol cleaning kit from Tac Shield includes two brass rods, one pistol mop, one slot tip, one pistol brass jag, 25 cleaning patches, one multi-function handle which converts to a driver and a six-bit driver set with two flat blades, two Phillips, one star and one hex bit. Compact and handy, it will easily fit in your gear bag. For more information, visit tacshield.com or call 910-687-4695.

IACP 2013 Tacprogear Protector Glove
IACP 2013 Tacprogear Protector Glove

Tacprogear Protector Glove
Designed to be the company’s top-of-the-line product in its glove line, the Tacprogear Protector Glove sports carbon-fiber knuckle protection sections as well as a specialized fingertip fabric for enhanced trigger sensitivity and control. In addition, the palm is padded to protect the hands from vibration and impact. Available in medium, large and extra-large sizes in black only. For more information, visit tacprogear.com or call 561-265-4061.

IACP 2013 - Thor-Shield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric Carrier
IACP 2013 – Thor-Shield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric Carrier

ThorShield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric
Today, cops are not only threatened by gun grabs, but what about Taser grabs? Conventional body armor will stop bullets, but not electroshock. Enter ThorShield. It’s a protective product that provides a highly specialized layer of fabric that ensures the electric current from a Taser or stun gun is conducted through the fabric instead of your body. The Generation III material can be integrated into body armor or carriers, gloves, jackets and even uniforms. It is thin and lightweight, durable and transparent to existing NIJ-rated carriers and is even machine washable— all this while still providing anti-static discharge protection! For more information, visit thorshield.com.

IACP 2013 - U.S. Armor RPC
IACP 2013 – U.S. Armor RPC

U.S. Armor RPC
“Shots fired!” You have an active-shooter situation, the perp has an AK and you’re wearing Level IIIA armor—now what? The RPC from U.S. Armor is an external rifle plate carrier that can be worn over your body armor to provide protection against rounds like the 7.62x39mm. It’ll take Level III/Level IV rifle plates (sold separately), is low profile, lightweight and easy to store or transport. The RPC has adjustable shoulder and side straps for superior horizontal and vertical fit, plus lots of MOLLE support front and back for additional pouches and holsters. There are also Velcro hooks front and back for adding agency ID patches; padded shoulder straps also increase user comfort. For more information, visit usarmor.com or call 800-443-9798.

IACP 2013 Z Medica
IACP 2013 Z Medica

Z-Medica Belt Trauma Kits
Medical help for a gunshot or other traumatic wound is immediate. By the time you return from your cruiser with a medical kit, the victim could be dead. The Belt Trauma Kit is a lightweight, compact hemostatic kit that is worn on a duty belt and used to stop traumatic bleeding quickly. The self-contained kit contains gloves, CPR shield, SWAT-T tourniquet and QuikClot Combat Gauze LE. Place the QuikClot Combat Gauze LE on the wound and use the SWAT-T as a tourniquet or pressure dressing. For more information, visit z-medica.com or call 203-294-0000.

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