The owner of LMS Defense says that Idaho is freedom oriented and has traditional values. He points out that the state’s Western attitude means the government doesn’t overburden his business, or restrict them from doing what they need to do as a business.

He says Idaho is both gun and business friendly.

John Chapman of LMS Defense says, “The people who settled this area used firearms just like they would use an axe or we’d use a chainsaw today. That tradition is carried on, and probably in a healthy way.”

Jan Rogers of the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization says ammunition manufacturing doesn’t require large amounts of water to manufacture their products.

Rogers says, “We have the infrastructure in place. It is a dry industry. We’ve been attracting a lot of wet industry recently. What we want to do is diversify so we can balance the wet with the dry. This is a terrific industry for us to be pursuing.”

Rogers says because ammunition manufacturing is a “dry” industry, those businesses could be located anywhere in the state of Idaho. Two weeks ago the state of Idaho had a booth at the “Shot Show” in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 60,000 people turned out to see all kinds of firearms related dealers.

Source: Jay Michaels for KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV

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