Ideal Conceal Cell Phone Gun

The Ideal Conceal is your basic .380-caliber handgun … designed to look exactly like a smartphone.

The cell phone gun was designed by Kirk Kjellberg, who said he wanted to create a handgun that would blend in with today’s environment.

Kjellberg’s two-shot cell phone gun is roughly the same size as the Galaxy S7 when folded up. The Ideal Conceal opens with one click of the safety and is ready to fire.

But the concept of a handgun designed to look like a smartphone has some people worried about security concerns at public places like airports.

“It’s kind of an erroneous idea that this is any different from any other pistol, because when you run it through an x-ray, it has barrels and triggers and hammers — all the things other guns have. It has enough metal in it that it can’t escape the metal detector,”Kjellberg told NBC News.

The Ideal Conceal is slated for a mid-2016 release.

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