Illinois law enforcement is trying to save a crime-prevention program which is facing funding cuts. According to the Southern Illinoisan, Prosecutors such as Union County State’s Attorney Tyler Edmonds have also joined the fight.

“These programs are a key investment in reducing crime and they’re a smart fiscal investment,” Edmonds said. “We can spend a small amount of money now on educating our kids or we can spend a lot of money down the road for arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating people.”

Edmonds is one of several prosecutors and law enforcement officials who represent an organization called Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Illinois. In May, they met with state legislators to voice their concern over the program — and others like it — being a victim of funding cuts amid a statewide fiscal crisis.

“Obviously, they’re facing a very tough fiscal situation and we acknowledge that,” Edmonds said. “We’re just asking when they make those tough decisions, they understand how valuable these programs are.”

As the Southern Illinoisan reports, Edmonds and his team are also trying to save another program called Redeploy Illinois, which provides strict probation services as an alternative to incarceration.

“We can spend a few thousand dollars in the probation services instead of tens of thousands of dollars to incarcerate them as adults,” Edmonds said.

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