Should citizens be allowed to carry firearms on Indiana’s public university campuses?

It’s a question that’s arisen in the Indiana General Assembly through legislation filed by Sen. Jim Banks, who wants public college students to be able to have guns at school for their personal protection.

Though the measure may have little chance of passage, it comes as the nation is once again immersed in a debate over how best to protect schools and colleges in the wake of the November massacre at a Newtown elementary school, which left 28 dead, including the shooter.

Banks, a Republican, said the measure wasn’t prompted by that tragedy, nor the 2007 slaughter at Virginia Tech University where 32 people were killed and 17 wounded by a shooter who then took his own life.

Instead, he said, it’s the result of concerns by college students who want the protection a gun provides from more common menaces as they walk on campus and to parking lots at night.

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