Trauma Kit

For victims of a shooting, minutes can make a life or death difference. That is why the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police is joining efforts to equip Indianapolis police with kits that can save lives.
Trauma Kit

It is a simple kit known officially as an “emergency trauma kit.” It contains a device to keep an airway open, trauma scissors, a military style bandage and a special tourniquet.

It is similar to equipment that saved the life of officer Jason Fishburne when he was shot in the head in the line of duty in July 2008, says Rick Snyder Vice President of the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police.

“Responding officers were able to begin emergency medical care on the scene of the shooting as the result of an officer who had prepared a gun shot trauma kit,” he says.

The kits cost $100 each. The “Father’s House Church” of Indianapolis committed to raising the money for 200 officers.


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