You see a lot of guns in movies and on television, but the show Top Shot on the History Channel is the only program entirely dedicated to firearms and the fine art of marksmanship, albeit in a reality TV sort of way, where people are forced together that may not get along—as reality TV is fond of doing. Regardless of one’s views on reality TV and the downfall of Western civilization, you can’t fault the History Channel on their choice of guns, and Season 3 is starting to look very interesting.


Infinity Firearms recently produced 10 custom guns for the competitors to use during the third season of this increasingly popular show. The guns, designated the “Top Shot Season 3 Sight Trackers,” feature unique markings and are numbered one through 10. Each was custom-built based on Infinity’s competition IPSC standard division/USPSA limited division pistol in .40 S&W.


These one-of-a-kind guns feature complete billet 416 stainless steel construction, adjustable rear sights and fiber-optic front sights, stainless steel grips with a modified grip angle to feel more like a CZ-75, full guide rods, ribbed no-bushing bull 5-inch barrels, and ambidextrous safeties.


According to Infinity’s Brandon Strayer, “After a brief discussion with the staff of Top Shot, we offered some photos of prior work for them to choose from. We added a new cosmetic mobius engraving to the rear of the slide to make them one of a kind.” In fact, Infinity’s online gun builder system allows buyers to custom-design the specific gun they want with individual features and each gun is made to order in house. For more information, visit or call 800-928-1911.

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