Christensen Arms factory
An Inside Look at the Christensen Arms Facility

Christensen Arms is a perfect example of what hard work, innovation and determination can get you in America. Dr. Roland Christensen began making carbon-fiber parts for the aerospace industry in his garage. As that progressed, he also began making carbon-fiber medical devices. As an avid hunter and target shooter, Dr. Christensen decided to then apply his technology to rifles by manufacturing one of the first carbon-fiber-wrapped barrels.

Along with precision rifle barrels for bolt actions, the company now makes lightweight precision AR rifles in .223 and .308. These rifles include carbon-fiber stocks, forends and other accessories, all of which are built in-house. Most everything, including the company’s latest bolt-action design, is made in-house at Christensen’s state-of-the-art facility in Gunnison, Utah.

A recent tour of the Christensen Arms facility provided me the chance to see this process in action. Rifle barrels are cut from bar stock, drilled, button rifled, then countered to accept their proprietary carbon-fiber wrapping. Rifle stocks and forends are molded in-house; camo dipping and Cerakoting are also performed on-site. Each rifle is hand built and tested to ensure the best possible accuracy. Carbon-fiber technology allows for some of the lightest weight rifles you can get in any available platform.

Just down the street from the Christensen factory is Applied Composite Technology (ACT), the company that started it all. The ACT facility is dedicated to carbon-fiber manufacturing, which includes producing parts for some of the most common military aircraft and even some spacecraft. It is really easy to see how this technology transfers to the weapons industry. The same attention to detail and quality control required to meet the stringent ISO 9001 government standards are also required at Christensen Arms.

Take a look at some pictures of the facilities and some of the fine Christensen Arms offerings. Look for full reviews of Christensen Arms’ rifles in upcoming issues of TACTICAL WEAPONS and SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE. To subscribe, go to

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