Under the newly created ICE PACKTM (In Case of Emergency) brand, the division will provide a range of turnkey emergency preparedness and disaster response solutions to consumers, government, industry and corporations responsible for critical infrastructure operations.

Developed in the wake of the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, Hurricane Katrina, and the most egregious terrorist attack on U.S. soil ever, on 9/11, Ashbury International Group was inspired to create a range of systems-based emergency preparedness solutions for a wide array of modern emergency and disaster situations.

“It is time to provide concerned civilians and private sector businesses comparable levels of resiliency that many in the upper levels of government currently maintain,” said Morris Peterson, Ashbury International Group president and CEO. “Ashbury is developing unprecedented solutions to support those who may be affected by an emergency or natural disaster, with an effective, systems oriented approach to assessing, planning, equipping, responding to and recovering from these events with a distinct focus on sustainment versus survival.”

The driving force behind the development of ICE PACK™ systems by the Emergency Preparedness Division is based on Ashbury International Group’s specialized systems integration knowledge and more than 15 years of global technical, logistical and training experience to include supporting the Defense Department in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. That experience formed the basis for understanding the “real world” needs of persons on the ground during emergencies.

“Virginia’s Greene County Economic Development Authority believes Ashbury’s expansion highlights the strong business platform Greene County offers and a supportive community which understands the importance of local business growth,” said Tony Williams, executive director, Greene County Economic Development. “We are excited by the new skilled jobs the ICE-PACK expansion brings to our county and look forward to Ashbury’s continued success.”

Williams added, “During times of unprecedented natural, man-made and terrorist related disasters, it is comforting to know our county houses such unique resources and strong leadership.”

The Emergency Preparedness Division is developing ICE PACKTM system solutions to:

-Educate, train and provision organizations, individuals and families to plan, and be resilient during disasters and emergencies
-Support and enable continuity of government, industry and commercial critical infrastructure operations
-Provide stability until social and civil services are restored
-Support safe escape and evacuation from dangerous environments

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