Iowa Woodbury County Sheriff's Office social media
A look at the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Social media continues to be an important tool for law enforcement agencies around the country.

Agencies like the Iowa-based Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office and Sioux City Police Department have turned to Facebook and Twitter to not only help with cases, but have a better interaction with the people they protect.

According to the Sioux City Journal:

[Woodbury County Sheriff Dave] Drew said while social media can help humanize law enforcement, there also can be several pros and cons as more law enforcement agencies turn to Twitter and Facebook to solve cases.

… Drew said too much information is better than none. Fewer people call the Sheriff’s Office with information about cases and instead choose to air their concerns on the Internet, he said.

“It’s funny that sometimes people just don’t call, and they share it on social media,” Drew told the Sioux City Journal. “That’s how we get that information.”

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