Bedford, Mass.– iRobot Corp. today announced the introduction of the iRobot Negotiator, a low-cost tactical robot designed to meet the basic reconnaissance needs of public safety professionals.

After the success of the company’s iRobot PackBot 510, iRobot heard from public safety organizations throughout the country asking for a basic reconnaissance robot that fit within their budget needs.  It is in response to these inquiries that iRobot is offering Negotiator.

While the PackBot 510 with First Responder Kit focuses on missions requiring a larger robot with more advanced capabilities, Negotiator will provide basic reconnaissance to a much broader group of public safety professionals, including police departments, fire departments and domestic security experts.  The iRobot Negotiator is highly mobile, able to climb stairs and easy to operate.  Depending on the customers’ needs, the robot may also be outfitted with a civil response kit and a range of add-on accessories, enhancing its reconnaissance and chemical detection capabilities.

“We are excited about the potential of iRobot Negotiator for a range of public safety professionals, including law enforcement personnel, domestic security officers and counter-terrorism forces,” said Joe Dyer, president of iRobot Government and Industrial Robots. “There is growing support and demand for unmanned ground robots as people recognize the difference they make by offering life saving ‘eyes on’ benefits to teams in the field.  We believe that the low entry price point for iRobot Negotiator will help make it accessible to local, state and federal agencies that would not have been able to afford a robot otherwise.”

Designed for different scenarios than the company’s current PackBot line, the first production units of iRobot Negotiator will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2008.  iRobot is committed to Negotiator, which will be backed by iRobot’s world-class quality and customer support.

“We are putting the full weight of iRobot behind this product, offering excellent production, quality and service,” continued Dyer. “Negotiator will play a significant role in helping to resolve situations successfully, while keeping public safety professionals at safe distances.”

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