Israel Explores Larger Fleet of UAVs, Unmanned Subs
Israel Explores Larger Fleet of UAVs, Unmanned Subs

The Israeli air force’s biggest and most advanced UAV is the Heron TP, known as the “Eitan,” Hebrew for “strong.”

IAI, the Israeli defense industry flagship, says the 4 1/2-ton craft with a range of 700 miles and flight endurance of up to 45 hours is designed primarily for long-flight, high-altitude electronic surveillance missions. It has a wingspan of 86 feet, as big as a Boeing 737’s.

The Israeli business daily Globes reports the Defense Ministry has tasked Israel’s defense industry to match its mastery of UAV technology by developing unmanned submarines.

Defense analyst Yuval Azulai observed: “If the industry moves quickly and purposefully in identifying this emerging market and offers a well-functioning unmanned submarine, it could be riding the right wave a decade from now in a market that will be worth $2 billion a year by 2020.”


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