The IDF is now considering a new weaponry device for combat soldiers: magazines that display the number of bullets left in the cartridge; this allows the soldier to know much ammunition is left at any given moment by looking at a counter on the magazine.

The Technological Division of the GOC Army Headquarters is testing two different products provided by the ‘C.A.A Tactical’. One is the “Countdown Magazine”, which displays the number of bullets left in the cartridge on the bottom of the magazine. In addition, soldiers can check the remaining ammunition by glancing not only at the display, but also at the color coded inventory. For example, green marks that there is enough ammunition left to continue on with the mission, the yellow colored code means that there is a medium amount of bullets left and should be reloaded soon, while the red color means that the magazine should be reloaded immediately.

The company “C.A.A Tactical” also developed a resistant magazine suited to the M-16 and Tavor, which are the main weapons used by the IDF. This new magazine is more resistant to falls and erosions as opposed to the standard aluminum cartridges used on the field.

After examining the new equipment, the IDF Technological Division will decide whether to equip the army with these new devices. At present, it is likely that if the army does decide to use the new products provided ‘C.A.A Tactical’; the “Resistant Magazine” will become the official magazine used by all IDF forces, while the “Countdown Magazine” will be the used solely by IDF combat soldiers.

“We are talking about a new development that will be life saving. During wartime, a soldier doesn’t have the time to think about how many bullets he has left, which can be fatal,” says marketing Deputy CEO of ‘C.A.A Tactical’.

Source: Nathaniel Roseman for

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