The Israeli Police has recently approved for entities guided by the police to use kits that convert pistols into carbines as part of their security layouts. The entities in question are public entities such as various educational institutes, the Israeli Electric Corporation, the Israeli water company Mekorot, Egged Israel transportation and more. They are guided by the security division of the Israeli Police and must meet certain security criteria based on the types of weapons they utilize, their training layout, instruction and more.

The police has now decided to qualify the use of these platforms, which include kits such as the RONI, produced by CAA Tactical, or the K-POS produced by FAB Defense. The kits enable the conversion of a handgun into a long weapon, which can also be easily concealed, while maintaining a fast fire rate and precision for relatively long ranges.

“This was under examination, and the process has now matured. It will significantly improve security capabilities, with regards to range, speed, precision and quality of fire,” says Yotam Gal, of CAA Tactical. “These systems are already serving quite a few security bodies around the world, in countries such as Italy, France, in South America and more.”

According to Gal, the Bulgarian Police is expected to procure nearly 1,500 units of the RONI system, and thousands of other units have already been sold to law enforcement organizations, especially in Europe, with tenders already issued to distributors by some of the bodies in Israel, with the objective of procuring the systems.

Read the rest of Moriya Ben-Yosef’s report at Israel Defense.

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