Leah Baker shooting, Jacksonville Police

A Jacksonville Police officer shot and killed a woman recently, putting a definitive end to a wild knife charge. The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Leah Baker, already allegedly stabbed the initial responding officer before the second officer put her down for good.

Jacksonville Police Shoot, Kill Leah Baker

Recently released officer body cam footage shows the entire incident, which took place April 11. The responding officer answered a call about a dispute, according to news4jax.com. That’s when she knocked on the door and encountered Baker. Footage shows Baker burst out of the door, lunging at the officer and stabbing her in the arm. The officer immediately creates distance, backing away.

“She exercises officer safety as we see in the video, when she knocks on the door she steps back,” safety expert Ken Jefferson told news4jax.com. “She could have easily stabbed her in the upper torso or even in the face or neck area.”

“I’ve just been f*cking stabbed,” the officer yells into her radio.

After Baker drops the knife, the officer demands she get on the ground. But Baker eventually reaches for the blade again. The officer fires two shots, which police say both missed, according to news4jax.com.

A second officer then arrived at the scene, immediately demanding the suspect stand down. But Baker grabbed the knife and made a quick charge at the officer. He fired four times, putting Baker down for good.

“That happened so fast that had he not stopped the threat, he could have been stabbed as well. So, he did the right thing,” Jefferson told news4jax.com.

Baker later died from her wounds at a local hospital, reported news4jax.com. The State Attorney’s Office ruled the actions by both officers as justified.

This video highlights just how extremely fast an incident can turn for law enforcement officers. From the knock on the door, to the inexplicable second knife charge, the suspect forced officers to use deadly force. And sometimes that’s the only choice police officers have.

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