An investigation found a 2019 Jacksonville Sheriff's deputy fatal shooting to be justified.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office recently released body cam footage from a fatal shooting involving a deputy that occurred in July 2019. The move comes in response to the public demanding more transparency in law enforcement. And in this case, footage clearly shows an armed, dangerous suspect.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Deputy Cleared for 2019 Fatal Shooting

Last summer, police shot and killed 33-year-old Frankie Feliciano. Body cam footage shows Feliciano dangerously holding a knife to the throat of a victim. The wheelchair-bound victim turned out to be a U.S. Army veteran, reported

The State Attorney’s Office deemed the shooting justifiable around three months ago, reported The investigation cleared Officer Tyler Landreville, who shot and killed Feliciano, of any wrongdoing.

Footage shows the threat proved imminent for the victim. After shouting to put the knife down, the suspect looks up, but doesn’t remove the knife. The officer quickly fires three quick shots. The victim says in response, “Oh thank God.”

“Given what I was seeing, what I was hearing, and under the circumstances and that point, I realized I had no choice but to discharge my firearm in defense of the hostage’s life,” Landreville told the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Response to Resistance Board.

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