Sheriff John Rutherford Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Sheriff John Rutherford of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that it will begin using new technology with the citizens it protects.

The main piece of technology being offered is the Audible Traffic app, which allows citizens to hear up to the minute traffic updates on their smart phones, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The app also lets citizens “hear breaking news about street closures, special events and recent crimes.”

The Florida Times-Union reported:

The service offers police alerts on major crimes, similar to the EARS (Emergency Alert Response System) alerts that Jacksonville news media receive on incidents. The system also announces Silver or Amber alerts from the Sheriff’s Office for missing people. The service is paid through corporate sponsorship and offered free to the Sheriff’s Office by the West Palm Beach-based Audible Media Group.

“Imagine the convenience when you are ready to leave the house or your office and you want to hear a GPS-sensitive message about road closures in your area,” Sheriff John Rutherford told the Florida Times-Union. “ … The information is updated continuously during those hours. The company hopes to expand those hours very soon.”

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