Japanese Shore Up Missile Batteries on Gateway Islands
Japanese Shore Up Missile Batteries on Gateway Islands

Japan is putting missiles batteries on gateway islands in the Pacific, a move that has unsettled Beijing.

The exercise is aimed at bolstering Japan’s defense of remote islands, installing a launching system for Type-88 surface-to-ship missiles on Miyako Island, complete with missiles.

“This is the first time” that missile systems have been taken to Miyako, said a spokesman for the Joint Staff of the Self Defence Forces, adding that the missiles could not be fired in their present state.

While the Japanese military makes no secret of the fact these missiles are not operable, observers say their deployment serves to remind anyone watching of Japan’s capabilities.

Read more at http://www.defensenews.com/article/20131107/DEFREG03/311070013/Japan-Putting-Missiles-Pacific-Gateway-Islands?odyssey=mod_sectionstories.

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