Jay Leno car Wounded Veteran
Watch as Jay Leno Gives Wounded Veterans a New Car (CREDIT: Today News)

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Jay Leno is known for supporting the troops. This week, the comedian surprised a wounded veteran at Fort Campbell, Ky., with a brand new car.

According to Today News:

That soldier was Cpl. Ethan Laberge. Laberge had been on foot patrol in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber drove up [on a motorcycle] and detonated himself, seriously injuring Leberge and killing two fellow soldiers who had been standing with him.

“I had shrapnel that went through my … foot into my left knee and I had a hole in the back of my left leg,” Leberge told Today News. “I had a superficial wound above my right knee and I also had shrapnel that went into my arm, broke off the end of my radius, broke up a couple of bones in my wrist and essentially shattered my thumb.”

In addition to those injuries, Leberge also suffered a traumatic brain injury that has been causing memory problems.

In the segment, Leno took Laberge for a spin in a brand new 2015 Dodge SRT Hellcat. Upon returning, Laberge said, “That was awesome … I wouldn’t mind having one of these.”

After hearing that Leno handed the keys to Laberge and said, “It’s yours.”

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