Let it be written: Jerry Miculek is a national treasure. In his unique way, the master revolver shooter, and arguably the greatest all-around shooter that has ever lived, continues to awe. In his most recent video, the world champion makes a 1,000-yard shot with a revolver. And it’s chambered in .44 Rem. Mag. Wow.

Jerry Miculek 1,000 Yards With a Revolver

But even for a shooter of Jerry’s magnitude, going 1,000 with a wheelgun is no easy feat. And the man used simply some sandbags to get a rest. Incredible.

“We’re reaching out at a 1,000. A lot of wind whipping around. So there’s so much flight time here, that bullet is greatly effected at a thousand by the wind, so you get the variations and the gusts. And at a 1,000, it can be feet, yards difference.

“I’m actually holding, wow, what I perceive to be like 150 yards worth of elevation,” Miculek continued. “So let’s see what happens.”

With a spotter calling shots, Miculek went to work. And in extremely ridiculous short order, the legend was on target.

Jerry Miculek 1,000 Yards Shot Chart

  1. Low & Right: Instructed to adjust up one target, left one target
  2. Just off left edge: Instructed up on target, right a half target.
  3. A near miss: Instructed up just a hair, right a target, possibly target and a half.
  4. Dead. Flippin.’ Center.

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