Joe Biden, in a town hall event, said police should shoot suspects in the legs.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden doubled down Thursday on his assertion that police officers should simply shoot armed aggressors in the leg to stop an attack. So it’s time to take a look at all that is wrong with Biden’s proposed strategy.

Joe Biden Doubles Down on Police Shooting Suspects in the Leg

In June, Biden said police should should knife-wielding suspects in the leg. Biden did so again Thursday night in a televised town hall meeting. He stated, “Instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg.”

Dianna Muller, a retired Tulsa police officer and founder of the D.C. Project, said in an exclusive interview with PDW that Biden is as misled on this topic as he is on many others.

“Biden has had a history of saying things that are contrary to any training I’ve received, from the first time my father started talking to me about firearms to 22 years of police work and firearms training,” Muller said. “It’s irresponsible for untrained, inexperienced politicians to give advice about such a serious topic that has life and death consequences.”

Muller said that police officers go through hundreds of hours of training. However, in the real world—with adrenaline pumping and things happening quickly—the hit ratio is about 25 percent.

Unfavorable Conditions

“Most of those shootings happen in low light or no light, so the idea of shooting someone in the leg is absurd,” she said. “I have seen many training videos of police shootings where suspects are filled with bullet holes, continue to be a threat and even succeed in killing officers.” 

Beyond the problems already mentioned, Biden’s “shoot them in the leg” plan also has other shortcomings. One of those is the fact that the femoral artery is located in the leg. And a femoral artery pierced by a bullet will cause the person to bleed out very quickly without immediate, trained medical attention.

Additionally, according to Muller, lots of people who understand the topic way better than Biden have carefully studied deadly force over several decades.

“There is a science of deadly force with extensive studies and training on the subject,” Muller noted. “The Supreme Court has ruled on the use of deadly force. Officers, as well as citizens, must be in imminent threat of death or great bodily injury. It’s a great responsibility and very personal decision to use deadly force. No one should consider using deadly force unless it’s justified. Shooting someone in the leg is totally irresponsible and, one may argue, unconstitutional!” 

Law Enforcement Backs Trump

In the end, Muller, like many law enforcement officers and former officers, supports President Donald Trump. The president has shown far more friendly to law enforcement than Joe Biden.

“During Biden’s 47 years as a politician, police unions have notoriously backed him, but this time around he has zero support that I’m aware of!” Muller said. “The war on cops has reached a new level in 2020, largely due to Democratic politicians fanning the flames of hate and not holding rioters accountable for their actions. They are perpetuating a dangerous and reckless narrative of ‘defund the police,’ which doesn’t make any American safer.  

“They are not trying to build bridges or bring people together. Biden and Harris haven’t condemned Antifa, and Congressman (Jerrold) Nadler called them a myth. How disconnected do you have to be to not recognize the destruction in these Democratic led cities?”

Muller concluded that, from the perspective of a retired LEO and a Second Amendment advocate as head of the D.C. Project, she believes the hatred toward cops and gun owners all boils down to education, not legislation. In fact, that’s the slogan of the D.C. Project. Learn more at

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