The Phoenix Police Department recently released its Critical Incident Briefing, stemming from a fatal shooting that occurred Dec. 28. Police shot and killed 30-year-old Jordan Crawford, who pretended to “draw” on officers.

Jordan Crawford Fake Pulls on Police, Who Shoot Him Dead

The incident began after a 911 call informed police an ex-boyfriend refused to leave a patio apartment, police said. The caller informed police the man exhibited violent behavior in the past. She alleged Crawford continued causing problems for her.

Officers arrived on scene and found the suspect walking outside the apartment. After officers called out, Crawford told police he had a gun. Footage shows the suspect place his hand behind his back. He clearly simulates grabbing for a gun in the waistband area.

Officers spent several minutes then trying to talk the suspect down.

“Don’t do that,” an officer called out. “Jordan we don’t want to kill you dude!” shouted another officer.

Suddenly, Crawford shouted out “You decide!” and then began a countdown, starting at five. When he reached one, Crawford quickly pulled his hand from behind his back in a threatening manner. Officers opened up in a lethal volley of fire.

Following the shooting, officers deployed less lethal munitions before securing the suspect. Police say officers administered first aid, before officials transported him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police found no weapon at the scene.

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